Mixsonian Larry

Flemington Baptist Church
The Early Years


Over next several years J.K. Mixson as clerk recorded additional persons that were brought up for non-attendance, some excused if provided with good reasons, others excluded from membership when on March 24th, 1900 Tobias Anderson was brought up for not attending.  The attending brethren committed to visit Tobias to ascertain his reason for not attending.   Were there those in the congregation without sin? It was a wonder anyone remained.   

At the end of the year,  J.K. Mixson, clerk, reported to the Marion County Baptist Association that was convened in Blitchton. 

Membership: Males 42, Females 42

Total value of church property was $450  


On a sad note, in April, J.K. Mixson recorded the following in reference to Deacon Jones. “Whereas: It has been the painful and unpleasant duty of the church to exclude from fellowship a member, holding a position so high, so sacred as the office of Deacon for the killing of his fellow-man”  


On February 22nd the Sunday morning collection amounted to $2.89. It was not looking to be a good year for the church.   On September 21st Don R. Mixson was received into the church by baptism.   The brethren talked to Tobias Anderson several times for not attending with little result.  On November 22nd the church received a letter from Tobias’s wife Fannie Anderson stating that Tobias had severed his connection with the Flemington Baptist Church.  A motion was made, with second, and Tobias’ name was stricken from the roll.   


On April 25th J. A. Carlton was placed on the Investigating Committee in the stead of James Kirkland Mixson although J.K did continue on as clerk.   In September J.K. Mixson, clerk, reported to the Marion County Baptist Association that was convened in Micanopy: Membership: 72  


Membership was declining. After the pastor had resigned a few months before so January, J.K Mixson along with R.E. Smoak, J.I Whittington, H.W. Nettles, J.R. McEwen were appointed as a “Pulpit Committee” to serve until a paster should be procured.  With no minster yet found, in March and again in April, the committee discussed the welfare of the church, but no formal action was taken.  

In August J.K. Mixson and F.E. Smoak were appointed as a committee to secure ministerial assistance for a series of revival services.  After many months of not having a regular minister, Rev. F.A. Holtzhousen was unanimously called as pastor.  

In October J.K. Mixson, clerk, reported to the Marion County Baptist Association that was held in Ocala, membership remained at 72 and they were able to raise $51.85 to pay the minister.  


In the following October the church declining, they reported to Marion County Baptist Association what was held in McIntosh the membership had declined to just 55 and the church property assets of $425.00 and they only had a balance on hand of $31.47.  The Rev. Holtzhousen had resigned and new members appointed to a “Pulpit Committee” to serve until a paster could be secured.  J.K. Mixson was again elected as clerk.   


In January Rev. J.C. Colleum accepted the call of the church to server as pastor for the year.   The closing of the year the church further declined with only 59 members.  The pastor’s salary of $104.15 of the total budget of $156.79.  J.K. Mixson was again elected at clerk.  


In July with the paster presiding, it was decided to hold a series of “Revival Services” commencing in September which were held without much success.  The following October Rev. Colleum resigned and a new Pulpit Committee was formed.  

In November it was heard that other churches in Hawthorn and Micanopy were also having trouble finding a pastor and it was suggested the church reach out to them as to the practicability of the three churches sharing a pastor.  After reaching out to the other churches, they decided “After due deliberation we decided that we would recommend to our respective churches, that they extend a call to Elder Thrasher, Micanopy for two Sundays in each month and Hawthorne and Flemington one Sunday each, in each month."  A call was extended to Elder Thrasher with the promised salary of $150.00.  Elder G.B. Thrasher accepted in December.  

The end of the year closed with the church holding at 59 members.  The pastor’s increased to $149.00 with the budget increasing to $218.99.  J.K. Mixson was again elected at clerk.   


Following the service on Sunday, January 11th Pastor Thrasher preached his first sermon at Flemington.   

In July, the conferenced again addressed  the issue of “sinners” with the following changes to the church’s resolutions being passed:

Be it Resolved by the Flemington Baptist Church as a body of worshiping Christians: That in the matter of exclusion of members, we take no act upon ourselves whereby a member is excluded, but that instead, all questions of exclusion for the future, shall be determined by the act of the individuals themselves and that such act of violation of church rules shall be interpreted by the church as an expression on the part of the member or members, to be no longer in connection with the church. That in the future any member guilty of murder, adultery, fornication, profanity, dancing, drunkenness, or any other offense against the laws of God or the country, coming under this head, shall be a deciding act that the member guilty of such offense puts the church on notice that they are no longer members and that their membership ceases with the date of the offense, so far as can be known.  

In September the church voted and approved the calling of Elder G.B Thrasher as paster.  

The end of the year closed with the church reporting to the Marion Baptist Association convening in Ocklawaha of having 64 members.  The pastor’s decreased to $136.00 with the budget to $158.76.  J.K. Mixson was again elected at clerk.   


Come June Rev. Thrasher tendered his resignation which was accepted. Rev. Colleum was again called upon to serve the second Sunday of each month but come September he notified the church he could no longer serve the church as paster.   In November Rev. Harry Shaw preached at the church and the committee asked if he would accept the call of pastor at the church but after learning that Rev. Shaw was not an ordained minister was not qualified but asked that he become ordained such that he could serve.  

The end of the year closed with the church reporting to the Marion Baptist Association convening in Crystal River of 64 members.  Pastor’s of $92.00 with the budget increasing of $153.65.  J.K. Mixson was again elected at clerk.   

Years of Struggle