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New New Job

Julie and Anne were there waiting for me as I got off the plane and I told her more about the interviews on the way home.  The following day I stayed in the house all day waiting for the phone to ring when in late afternoon I got the call from CCI, they wanted to make me a job offer and wanted to agree on a salary before sending me an offer letter.  I didn’t haggle, their offer was more than I had been making, and I told them the amount was fine, the only problem was I wanted to hear back from Boeing, so I told CCI that I was waiting for another offer, and I would have to get back to them in the following day or perhaps the day after.  I was freaking out, should I have told them that? What if they found someone else in the next day or two? Should I just take the offer and forget about Boeing.  Well, it was done, I already told them I would get back to them, now I just had to wait for Boeing.   I wouldn’t sleep well that night.

The following day I again sat anxiously by the phone all day and finally someone from Boeing called and said they wanted to make me an offer and we talked about salary and agreed on what was a thousand dollars more than the CCI offer, and they said they would send an offer letter if I verbally accepted.  I told them I needed some time to think about it and they said they would give me to the following day.  That night I talked it over with Julie, the pros and cons of each job, it was more for my own benefit as Julie was fine with either one.  Boeing was a much larger company, giving perhaps more growth potential but I would be a small cog in a large company and I wasn’t clear what the work was, only I would be a programmer or lead a small team of programmers.  CCI on the other had was about 60 people in the Reston division and I would play a key role in the product development leading a team to develop a PC product. I pretty much knew from the start that I had decided on CCI, but I felt I had to give the Boeing offer consideration.  

I called CCI back the next day and said I would accept the offer if they gave me an additional $1,500 up front for moving costs and they agreed.  After three months of not working, I had a job although it was a thousand miles away. The following day I received an overnight FedEx package with the official job offer which I signed and FedEx’ed it back to them.  I called Boeing back and told them I accepted another offer and they were not happy with me, even bumping up the offer another $1,000.   I never did hear back from the women owned company.

Updated: 09-24-2023

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