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From Mom

The third week of August I received another long typed letter from Mom on Physics Department letterhead in which she says that her, Dad, Dixie, Sue, Jim went to the Weirsdale High School reunion which was her 31st.   While Mom and her sisters Dixie and Sue went to Weirsdale, Dad and Jimmy went to Reddick High School and Dad and Jimmy dated Mom and Sue respectively at the time.  The reunion is held most years and covers multiple years and Mom said that over 200 alumni attended.  She also said her old boyfriend, Georgie, was there. Dad had stolen Mom away from Georgie but Mom wrote, “We had a good time talking.”

Weirsdale Reunion
Georgie on the left, Mom center and other classmates at reunion.
When I first saw this photo I thought Georgie was me.

Me and DadMe and Dad in 1991

In the letter she said her and Dad had bought hiking shoes and rain gear and been hiking two miles every other night to prepare for the hike up to see David. She also said that Grandma Mixson walked with them one night who would have been 80.   And interesting enough, Uncle Gary and his wife Diane were going to hike up with them.

She said in the letter that her, Dad, Betty and Billy were all leaving the coming Friday to come visit me in Melbourne and they all would stay with Sue and Jim

She ended with, “Well, I must close before Dr. Hooper gets here, now it takes me 20 minutes to address all of the envelopes!  Love and prayers for all of you. Mom & Dad.”

She also included a newspaper clipping for me which she wrote next to the title “For Larry:” 

Well it may not always but it did have a lot to do with it for me at the time.  Then I’m reminded of the song by Tina Turner “What’s Love Got to Do with It.”, with the line “What's love but a second-hand emotion?”   Tina Turner died this past week, May 24, 2023.

Updated: 06-04-2023