Mixsonian Larry


Movies, TV, and Music

I saw a number of movies in 1980 that were notable for me.  I had to go see The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields, a bit shallow but get stranded on a desert island with a beautiful girl, I had to go see it. I went to see Flash Gordon just because it was science fiction and was very disappointed in it, beginning more of a comic book. Nine to Five with Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin was just plain funny. Mom loved it as I think it reminded her being an administrative assistant at the University. It was interesting to see Private Benjamin about a woman (Goldie Hawn) who joins the Army at a time very few women were in the armed services.  Many years later there would be a similar movie GI Jane in which a woman (Demi Moore) joins the Navy Seals.  I loved the book but the movie The Return of the King, which was an animation movie from Tolken’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, was very disappointing. 

There wasn’t all that much interesting on TV other than the new show Magnum, P.I. came out in the fall, what was not to like about it, young man in Hawaii riding around in a red Ferrari saving people and solving crimes.

In music the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac had a few new songs, I liked Bob Seger’s "Against the Wind", but the song of I liked best from 1980 and still like today is "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.

Updated: 05-10-2023