Mixsonian Larry


Journal Entry

September 1, 1980

Mom, Dad, Beth and Grandma Mixson came down and spent Labor Day weekend with me. We had a great time Saturday fishing aboard the Miss Canaveral. We drove Saturday down to the community of Grant where Grandma Mixson lived when she was six. That would have been in 1907. So now they have left and I sit here this evening contemplating the times and events of this weekend.  

As usual after spending time with friends or relatives the solitude of being along becomes both welcome and so much more upon my mind.  The facing and living of the day to day events alone seem so much more disheartening after being with those that one loves. I know and understand that my personality, my mental and emotional makeup, what I am is in large part due to my being and wanting to be alone. But the contact with friends and those I love heightens the desire for have a close and meaningful relationship.

Updated: 05-10-2023