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Journal Entry
May 17, 1980

Love to start with
Dreams of love Thus love of dreams
The music beast on forever faster
Tempo increasing to a furious pace
Peace of mind as it briefly stops
Then rushing forth once again
The song is of love but sung with sadness
Where does the dream end and reality begin
Only where the mind defines it to be
I long for the closeness and love of a woman
Alone I exist for I am free
It is better to be free along than a slave to love.
Time presses on as I realize how brief
Life is a compared to eternity.
My youth fades away ever so fast
I get older by the day
A third of my life gone by
What have I to say
I have yet to find true love
Love seems distant and far away.
“What the Hell” I often say
But I know not what else to say
She will come one day
The perhaps she will not
Either way, I will have lived my life the way I wanted
Good or bad, positive or negative, I can not say
For what I am determines what I want to be
And what I want to be is what I am.

Little did I know then that love would strike me later in the year.

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