Mixsonian Larry


Lets Just Be Friends

Journal Entry
September 2, 1979

Let just be Friends

Why does it distraught me
Why has she gone
Why did I love her
Where has time gone
I try to make rhyme
I try to express my fears
Was there ever a her
They never said they loved me
“I only like you dear.”
Only when they leave me is it clear.
It is almost a since
I last felt her near.
She just said,
“Lets just be friends dear.”
But friends come and go,
While lovers last year after year
To be in love is a dream
Come to find as she leaves
So I go on alone

Actually of all my past women, Elizabeth I probably loved the most, ironically for she probable loved me the least.  I am in love with a dream girl, perfect in every way. Reality has only proved no woman could satisfy me, or at leas that my experience thus far. I am starting to feel old. Next year will be the 10 year reunion for high school.  A few short more years I’ll be 30. Time move faster each year. I meet fewer and fewer women (or men) each year. Most everyone my age is and has been married for several years. Where they had the love and companionship of another for many years, I have only experienced the sorrow of loneliness.  It has been almost a year since I have had even a date and that last date was more out of desperation. The world revolves around sex and love, yet I have no wone.  I never really had anyone. I never had a woman that loved me and I am afraid I never will. So that’s why I’m so depressed.

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