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Valentine Day Card from Melody

Then in February I received a Valentine’s Day card from her which she said she was doing better, dropping from three medications to only one and she was starting therapy which she felt she really needed. She went on to say, “I don’t really know what will become of me – coming home (to her mother’s) has been so disorienting that I really can’t teel how I will recreate my life – the only thing I know is that mentally-emotionally I am at a very delicate point.”  Reading this made me quite sad. She said she would be staying with her mother for the foreseeable future.

She also asked if I bought the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” that she asked me to in her letter back in October, and if so if I could send it to her.  I felt guilty for I didn’t get the book for her so I went out and bought a copy and sent it to her and asked if I could some see her.

PostcardIn April I received a post card from her saying how much she would like to spend a day on the Florida seacoast, she was getting tired of living with her mother.   It was a short note, but she ended it saying “Hope to see you, Love Melody”.   I had thought much about Melody and I had decided I although I did “love her”, it was more of a deep caring love, not a “I want to be with you” kind of love, I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t and felt bad about not doing so.  What did she expect? What did she want from me?  I didn’t know but felt I couldn’t provide her with what she needed.  Had I in not replying, forsaken her?  I felt bad about it.

Updated: 03-20-2023

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