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November 5, 1977

The cold darkening dusk falls about me
I sip the wine to keep my mind free
But I slowly fall captive to the soul
I don’t know,
I just don’t know
But do I want to know
Ignorance is Bliss
I rise with the sun in my eyes
Blinding me to the truth 

Not having a woman in my life was depressing me.  I wrote:

November 11, 1977

Early one Morning

Early one morning I sit her at night
The streetlight still shining bright
Feeling the cool air on my face
A cup of hot tea to warm me inside
But feeling cold just the same
Just a friend she says she wants to be
But a lover is what I need
So here I sit thinking how warm she was beside me
Knowing it no longer will be
Chills run down my spine
Knowing she is no longer mine
Being alone at three
I guess just does it to me

and then...

November 11, 1977
False Dreams
False Hopes
Grief and loneliness
Darkened soul
The light is dim
Night falls
The Tone is deep and mellow
Sadness creeps in
Where have they all gone
Where did thy go
The past fades away
Time beats on
And empty glass
The contents sipped until the were gone
The bottle half full now empty
And it all went to the mind
Blow full away
Till it was no more
Let it go
For it is gone

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