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Sunrise or Sunset

Sunrise or Sunset

In December I did a watercolor of me sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean at sunrise, or perhaps sunset.  Living a block from the ocean on the east coast it would be sunrise but I always thought of the painting of sunset for the whole time I lived in Indialantic I never made saw a sunrise over the ocean.  I was more of a sunset guy.  The watercolor was more like me sitting on one of the board walks while I used the image for just the focal point in the painting which shows a room with me sitting on the balcony watching the sunrise-sunset.  On the floor of the room is the red Persian rug that I still had that belong to my neighbor Mike back in Gainesville.  The roll top desk is something I had always wanted and then there is the blank painting on the wall.   The painting has hung over by bed for many years now.

Surnrise or Sunset

Updated: 03-14-2023