Mixsonian Larry



Grandma Mixson and GrandchildrenMike Mixson, Grandma, Larry, Debora Mixson, Beth Mixson, David Mixson, Gary Mixson, Rosie Mixson

Grandman Mixson with SonsGrandma with her sons Arnold, Dad and Adrian 

Mike Mixson was the son of my Dad’s brother, Uncle Arnold’s wife and her first husband.  Born the same year as me, Mike was adopted by Arnold when he married Eunice in 1953.  Although Mike and I went to Gainesville High School together, I never saw him at school.  A few weeks after the family gathering at Grandma Mixson’s (officially she was Mrs. Yawn since she married Mr. Yawn, but I always called her Grandma Mixson), Mike called me and said he needed a place to stay and asked if he could stay with me for a while.  I told him no, didn’t have a spare room for him to stay in.  This was the last time I heard from Mike.

Updated: 01-15-2023

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