Mixsonian Larry


The week before the quarter ended, I asked Genia out again the coming Friday night.  She said had a class until 10:00 PM so I picked her up at her class.  I didn’t have any plans in mind so after asking her what she wanted to do we went to the Melody Club again. Upon arriving we sat at a table with her friends and did a lot of drinking and dancing and talking with her friends. After the second show was over it as 1 AM  and I wanted to leave but she decided to stay, saying that one of her friends would take her home so I left.  It was the last time I went on a date with her.

The fall quarter ended with me having my best quarter since going to the University.  I made A’s in Programming Languages, Physics Lab and Karate, and then B’s Into to EE, EE Lab, and Physics.  I was amazed that I made a B in physics, but it was all due to my friend John who was in the same class, so he came over a couple times a week and we studied together.   I really enjoyed karate, unlike other sports I had taken, karate had a logic to it, it made sense, it had a purpose.  The class was held on the basketball in the Florida Gymnasium where we were taught punches, kicks, blocks and learned basic forms, or katas, in which the punches, kicks and blocks were put together in a sequence.


My birthday came and was more even more depressing than previous years with both my sister Brenda and Windy getting married on my birthday so my birthday was mostly forgotten by everyone.   Brenda and Tom got married by Grandpa Junior at Westside Baptist Church and it was a happy time for the family. Windy had invited me to attend her and Sean’s wedding but I couldn’t go to both hers and Brenda’s so of course I went to Brenda’s.  I was happy for Wendy and Sean, but  I was glad that I couldn’t go to their wedding for I was in love with her and would have found it depressing.  

Overall 1973 was a good year for me although still with no girlfriend.

Updated: 12-27-2022