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New Year

1970 was a transformative year for me in many ways, starting in January when…  

The first week of January I finally got my driver’s license.  I had turned seventeen back in December, three days before Christmas, but wasn’t able to get my license since we spent Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Junior in North Carolina.  Just another injustice for having a birthday at Christmas. Brenda and I got back home the day after Christmas, but I still couldn't get my license since Mom and Dad were still in North Carolina. It was January when Mom took me down to the driver’s license building out on 23rd street at highway 441. I took the written test and driving test and passed. Mom let me drive home with only a few comments about my driving.  It really didn’t mean much to me having my license, I didn’t have a car, no girlfriend, and about the only place I went to was Bill’s which was an easy bike ride a few blocks away.   Mom and Dad said I could use Brenda’s car if I needed too, but Brenda was always using it, busy with work, going to Junior College and seeing her friends, so there wasn’t much chance to use her car.  

Like previous years, Uncle Bob called Mom on their common birthday January 16th.

Updated: 11-09-2022

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