Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

Leigh Hall

Leigh Hall Research Building
Leigh Hall Research building at bottom. Original 1926 building outlined

In August of 1966 the modern four-story air-conditioned Chemistry Research Unit building, was completed directly south of, and connected by passageways to, Leigh Hall. The total cost of the building, furnishings, and miscellaneous items was $1,768,762.30. The new building freed up 11,768 square feet of space in Leigh Hall to which temporarily relieved the overcrowded conditions of the rapidly growing Chemistry Department.   Morris was quite happy about the new building as it included a much needed and larger chemical stockroom on the first floor.  Dad was proud to show it off to me and took me to work one weekend and we walked up and down the isles of shelves full of chemicals from aluminum to zinc which I got some of both to make rocket engine fuel.

Updated: 01-04-2024