Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

The Mixsons

The Mixsons 1966

The year started out like previous years with Uncle Bob calling Mom on their common birthday January 16th.  At school I did well in Math and Science, and just barely average in English and History neither which I liked.  Ag and PE were of course an easy A or B.  

In February NASA did the first unmanned flight test of the Saturn IB rocket which went well. In March aboard the Gemini VIII spacecraft Neil Armstrong and David Scott did the first docking with another space vehicle which Dr. Werner von Braun had explained in Popular Science.  While docked, a malfunction occurred causing the space craft to tumble. With disaster looming, Neil Armstrong took manual control and did an emergency landing, little did he know that the same quick response would save another more important mission later.  After that mishap, the Gemini program fared better with successful Gemini missions IX-A, X, XI and XII following later in the year.

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