Mixsonian Morrs and Barbara Larry

A Wedding

Rosalie and Jesse getting marriedRosalie and Jesse Yawn receiving their wedding certificate

After a short courting, Jesse William Yawn asked Grandma Mixson to marry him, she said yes, and they were married on July 21, 1965.  Jesse Yawn the father of Morris’s best friend Billy Yawn, first wife Cora Mae Stapleton died two years earlier.  Jesse and Rosalie had known each other for years, after all, there sons, Billy and Morris, had been best friends since high school.  It was more of a marriage of convenience with Jesse being 70 and Rosalie 65 at the time, two old people who lost their spouses and somewhat lost without them, found comfort in each other. Rosalie moved out of the old Mixson home that was built by Wilbur and into Mr. Yawn’s old farmhouse that Billy was born and raised in.  After they were married, it felt after strange to visit Grandma at the Yawn’s farm and not the old house I loved so much.  Even though she was now officially Rosalie Yawn,  I still called her Grandma Mixson until she died.  With Grandma marring Jesse Yawn, Betty and Billy’s kids Janice, Karen and Timmy, who we always called cousins, but we knew were not really cousins , were now step-first cousins. 

info Janice, Karen and Timmy are actually distant cousins with their mother, Elizabeth (Betty) Lois Feaster being the daughter of Mary Telula Mixson, Wilbur’s oldest sister.

Updated: 09-03-2022

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