Mixsonian Larry Larry Larry Larry


In December, three days before Christmas on shortest day of the year, I was born and named Larry Morris Mixson.  I had been content within the warm dark confines of my mother womb but as I grew larger, my mother’s belly grew tighter, I begin to fell restricted so when my mother  pushed me out into the world I felt freedom, moved my arms and legs about, gasping my first breath then the connection to my mother severed.  I cried out, I was cold, the lights were so bright I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, Larry under Christmas TreeI was wrapped in something warm and laid on my mother who’s heart I could feel beating under me and I calmed.   For the next several days I mostly slept but would awaken hungry, cry out and then be placed back on my mother who would feed me then one day I awoke, and the bright lights were gone so I slowly peeked my eyes open seeing soft multi-colored lights above me and a small figure reaching towards me, if I had had known what an angel was at the time I would have said I saw one, I smiled and was happy as I closed my eyes and faded off to sleep.

Updated: 02-08-2022