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Fred and Waive Become Christians

One cold Sunday in January of 1938, Hollis and Mildred Tiffany traveled from Allegan to Grand Rapids to attend the “Mel Trotter” mission that was having their yearly conference.  The mission was established in the red-light district of Grand Rapids and under the direction of Mel Trotter flourished, converting many to Christianity. To expand his ministry, Mell bought the local burlesque house to provide more space for the ministry.  Hollis and Mildred were good friends of Fred and Waive but had not seen them since Fred and Waive moved to Grand Rapids.  

During the Sunday sermon at the conference, Hollis felt the direction of God telling him to call upon Fred and Wavie and after the sermon, Hollis looked up Fred and Waive’s address in the phone book and paid a surprise visit to them.  Fred and Waive were happily surprised when Hollis and Mildred showed up at their house for Fred and Waive had not seen them for some time.   It was a happy reunion and they caught up on what each other had been doing since they last saw each other. Like Fred and Waive, Hollis and Mildred also had four children with the newest their daughter Jady which, like Fred and Waive’s Carole, was only a month old.  

While the children played together, Hollis and Mildred told Fred and Waive about their recent becoming Christians and how excited they were about it.  Fred, who came from a Catholic family, was particularly attracted to what Hollis was telling him.  When Hollis and Mildred invited Fred and Waive to go to church with them the following Sunday they said yes. While at church that next Sunday, Fred was moved by the sermon. At the close of the sermon the Paster, Reverend Peter Ypma, invited those that wanted to be saved to come forward while the congregation sang “When we all get to Heaven.” After seeing to or three others go forward, Fred rose from his pew and went up to the Paster who then asked them all to knell and pray.  The paster then read the scriptures on how to be saved, and Fred accepted the Lord as his Savior.  In the following week, after being shown the same scriptures, Waive said, “I thought “why”, I’ve always believed the Bible was true and those scriptures were true only I knew that didn’t save me. So, what was I to do? We had a very good Bible teaching minister, Rev. Peter Ypma, and after listening to him, finally, one day I realized I believed only now I must accept it into my heart and life. How simple when I finally saw it -- for it’s by faith you believe and accept.  Many times I’ve faltered but I’ve only to confess my sin and He is faithful and just to forgive me.”  

Fred and Waive were baptized the first Sunday in February.


Updated: 10-06-2021