Mixsonian Rosalie and Wilbur

Rosalie Meets Wilbur

At the age of 18, Rosalie thought she would become and old maid and never get married for all the boys had been off to the war.  Rosalie had heard about the celebration for Wilbur, so she immediately said yes when her friend Ella Mixson invited her to go with her. Rosalie grew excited about the event when she heard of all the people going. 

Arriving at the dinner, Rosalie looked around and recognized everyone for in such a small community, everyone pretty much knew everyone.  All twelve of  Mr. J. D. Mixson’s children were there with their wives and children along with other relatives and neighbors from miles around.  But there was one Rosalie didn’t know, the guest of honor, Wilbur.  Oh, she knew who he was, one of the Mixson boys but she  had never met him.  While at school, the girls were given time to write the boys at war, so she wrote a letter to Wilbur in France but she never got an answer.   

Rosalie wondered what Wilbur was like, being in the war, traveling overseas, being in France, while the furthest she had traveled was to the nearby town of Williston.  Rosalie knew Wilber was some 12 years older than her, but that made him even more interesting.  After arriving and saying her greetings to J.D. Mixson and his wife and seemly endless others, Rosalie went to look for Wilbur.  Following the sound of singing, she looked into the parlor where she found Wilbur standing by the organ. She stepped in and joined the singing.  Some of the girls came in and give Wilbur a kiss.  Rosalie found him so handsome that she too wanted run over and throw her arms around hm and kiss him too.  Another song started and when Wilbur looked up and caught her eye, she turned quickly away embarrassed, leaving the room, hoping that in the dim light of the parlor that Wilbur didn’t see her face turn red.  Leaving the room, she walked out on the porch that stretched across the front of the house and surprised to see that Wilbur had followed her out.  As he approached her he said how pretty she looked, and reached out to hold her hand and ask if she would sit next to him at dinner.  She said yes the dinner and the rest of the afternoon was a blur for her heart was all aflutter.  Before leaving he said he would come visit her that week.  A few days later he rode his horse “Dink” over and from that point on he called her his sweetheart.

1920 Wilbur Courts Rosalie