Mixsonian Larry

Civil War

By the time the Civil War started, the four brothers had almost forty children, some of which were of age to serve.  Being from the south and slave owners themselves they of course supported the Confederacy.  Over the course of the war, six sons would go to war, more than one not returning.  One son, James, the son of Archibald Mixson, was wounded at a battle in Georgia and returned with his left arm being mostly useless. Even so he lived to an age of 87, having nine children.  

With the war over and the surviving sons returning home, life was different.  With the slaves freed their way of life changed, where they once had farmed many acres of cotton and corn, with the slaves doing most of the work, they now could only manage much smaller amount of land.  A few of their old houses cracker houses that the slaves lived in still stand to this day.  

Florida Mixsons in the Civil War

James Joyce Mixon #735
John Bennajah Mixson #753
Charles Benjamin Mixson #765
Edward Miles Mixson Jr #785
Miles J Mixson #761
Charles Jones Mixson III #754 died in war
William Henry Mixson #747
Josiah G Mixon #3410