Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Writings

Fring Benefits

There are blessing getting older, you know,
If you don't you will some day;
For the most of tomorrows you dreaded -
Have already passed away.

Tis strange how the mind forgets the past
But remembers the pleasant scenes
Memories of happy childhood
Linger in all your dreams.

When aches and pains all seem to increase,
And are too hard to bear,
There is always some other poor soul.

You can slow down now take time to behold
All the beauties of the earth your passed by.
There is time for more kind and thoughtful deeds
You never could do if you'd try.

For how much you enjoy the golden years,
Depends on the values you've placed,
On things in your life as they came along,
How your trials you've met and faced.