Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Writings

Brothers & Sisters of Tobias Anderson

All born in Norway
1 Martin
2 John
3 Tobias
4 Eli
5 Ole
6 Thomas
7 Bertha
8 Ellen
9 Dorthey
10 Andrew

<The following was on another piece of paper>

Tobias Anderson, my father was born in Norway March 28, 1848 at Garceden Waselet MoSogan. The father and mother had ten children.

1 Andrew 1
2 John 2
3 Oleo 3
4 Eli 4
5 Thomas 5
7 Tobias 7 and Martin
8 Ellen
9 Doretha
10 Bertha

One the girls was a half sister but I don't know which one. Tobias was 25 years old when he and his father and mother came over, two of the boys had already came to the U.S. and were working in Min. or Wis. I can't remember but there were a lot of other people from Norway living there. The first I can that papa had a bother Andrew he wrote to papa and wanted Papa to let his daughter and I to write to each other. Which we did, I still have a card from here. It must have been 1916 or 1917. Martian Anderson's family lived in Canada. In 1920 his daughter sent mama a letter. Com to think of it must have been after Papa died because we Wilbur and I were already married. The letter was passed around to cousins and aunts and each one added any news from their familys. In 1908 Papa brothers son John died and he spent us a picture of the casket with a picture of a hanshom young man, he was about 25, he look real young. The picture was on the casket.