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Rosalie's Diary

July 18,1994
Monday 10:20 (time)
Waiting to go to lunch on the senior bus. We are having lunch at Citra now. Closer but I don't like it as well as Orange Lake Civic Center. It's a beautiful day sun shinning bright but hot up in the middle of the day. I can't see what I am writing so it wont look so good. My pale pink creap myrtle is blooming, beautiful! I walked out too get close to see it.

July 20, 1994 9:00 am
Raining - need rain - all the lakes are low. My light creap myrtle is blooming - beautiful. Went to Bible study yesterday, had six then when to lunch at Pic & Save. Sparky his friend Dottie and I. Mess Morris & Barbara.

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