Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie Mixson Diary

by Larry Mixson

My grandmother, Rosalie Anderson Mixson, loved to write and the  following are my her diaries that she started writing in 1980 when she was 79 years old. In the inside cover she had done the arithmetic 1980-1901 to figure her age. Like the diary my mother transcribed, I attempted to type it in the same manner, format and spelling that my grandmother wrote it so it would seem as though she was telling her story to us. After transcribing her story I gained a newfound respect for my grandmother. She had a most wonderful outlook on life and love for her children and grandchildren. She also had a great appreciation and connection with the earth, weather and most of all her gardens. 

Grandma had a wisdom that came with not only age, but the ages which she lived in.  Upon reading it you may come across such treasures like:

"Cook fast so you can spend some time with a child before it disappears into an adult."

As my mother said in her preface, "I hope that each one of you will begin to write down you life story, so that someday you will be able to add to this, then you will be able to pass it to your children and our family history will be preserved."

Larry Mixson, August 21, 2022 

Note: In some places have added a notes or comments which I have put in Italic and  I added the photographs when and where I found something appropriate.