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Barbara and Beth at Disney World
<photo says they went in '72>

1973 Kristi lived with us off and on at this time. We took Beth and Kristi to Disney World for their birthday. Brenda graduated from the U of F in June and went to a Girl Scout Camp near Louisville, Kentucky to be near Tom. David got a job at Camp Pinewood in Henderson, N.C. for the summer and after camp was over he and a car load of boys went out west. He stayed in Lake Tahoe and got a job in one of the restaurant there. He loved it and got his first taste of traveling.

Barbara 1973Mom, Dad, Morris and I took a months vacation to California in their new Explorer Motor home. We went 7,230 miles. It was a wonderful trip and mom and dad talked about it for years afterwards. (See my diary of this trip)

In the spring the whole family along with Grandma Mixson, Betty and Billy and Mrs. Dixon and James and Anita and their family went to Clarks for the weekend.

In August Corky and Connie got married at Westside B. Church. Daddy married them. In September Brenda came home from Kentucky and we planned her wedding for December 22.

It was a very cold day her their wedding. Grandpa Junior married them. The church was full and everything went off beautifully. That night Morris went to see the Gators play in the Bowl game that was played in Gainesville. We gave Beth a cute little puppy for Christmas. She named her Sheba. She slept under the blankets with Beth that very first night and continued to do so.

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