Mixsonian  Barbara Waive Ruby

Remembering by
Barbara Junior Mixson

This was a very good year at school with my girl friends and at church where daddy was preaching, (Wrenwood Baptist Church). I had a crush on a boy at church named Morris and we had lots of Sunday School parties where we always paired off, but we really never did date. One time I also had a crush on a boy named Jerry Youngblood, but he had a girl friend and would never even look at me.

It was during the school Christmas vacation that we all went to Florida. As we got to the top of the hill looking down on Lake Weir, daddy stopped and we got out and he said "This is where I want to live. It is so beautiful with the lake and the orange groves."

June 2, l947 Corky (Freddie John Junior, Jr.) was born. Mom and Dad had plenty of money so they bought him beautiful baby clothes and a beautiful baby bed that all four of my children used when they were babies. Before Corky was born, I was so sure that everyone would love the new baby and no one would love little Gary that I made him a promise that I would always love him and take care of him. So for several weeks after Corky was born I wouldn't hardly look at him, but when I finally did, boy, did I ever fall in love with him.

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