Mixsonian  Barbara Waive Ruby

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Barbara Junior Mixson

Junior house on East Lake Drive
Junior house on East Lake Drive

Gary and his ponyGary on his pony

1945 Daddy was making real good money and we moved to East Lake Drive in a beautiful two story brick house. Our yard was landscaped with 5 terraces, on the last terrace we had horses and Gary had a pony.  One terrace was a rose garden.  We had a maid and a yard man. We had nice clothes and Sue and I got very good allowances each week. I was in the 8th grade and rode the street car to Murphy Junior High School. There I met my good friends, Shirley, Fay, Mary Anne, Charlotte and Phyllis. We were good friends for 3 years, the 8th, 9th and l0th grades. None of us dated and we did everything together. Shirley and Fay remained my good friends even after we moved to Florida.  On Sunday nights after church Dad would stop and buy Krispy Cream donuts and he’d make milk shakes.  That was a real treat!

About this time daddy bought a farm at Tucker. We'd go there on weekends and ride the horses that came with the farm. We had caretakers that lived on the farm and took care of it.

I don't think daddy kept it very long, he probably sold it for a profit.

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