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Baby Cloths

Recently I was cleaning up my dad’s garage after a small disaster (see May 11th), when I came across an old trunk which I had to open.  Within it I found some old keepsakes that my Mom had saved.  There was her senior year high school cheerleader sweater, there were old Cub Scout uniforms from my bother and I, but there also was baby clothes and shoes from when my sister, brother and I were babies.  I called my sister about mom’s sweater, I showed my bother the cub scout uniforms, but what about the baby clothes and shoes?   Ah, but of course, there are two new great grandchildren (for my father) and one was here in Gainesville.  I took pictures of the of the shoes and clothes and sent them to my niece for I knew they would be special to her and her new daughter.   I knew my niece really liked vintage clothes, but not only vintage baby clothes, but ones in the family, worn by her aunts and uncles.  How could she resist?  In my childhood they were called “hand-me-downs”, clothes passed from on family memory to another.  I remember getting many hand-me-downs from my uncle who was only six years older than I, clothes sometimes I loved, sometimes I hated but now I cherish the memories.  To wear clothes that others have worn, particularly family, connects you to your past, connects you to something…. Deeply Rooted.

  Here is my niece wearing hand-me-downs.  I only hope her memories will run as deep as mine.

Baby  Cloths

Larry Mixson, 07-01-2019