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When Carpathia HR called and said someone there had recommended me for a project manager job and asked if I would be interested, I immediately said yes.  I had known of Carpathia for I had applied and interviewed there a year or so before as a customer service manager but didn’t get the job.  The new job they wanted me to interview for was an Implementation Manager in which I would manage the hosting of new customers and they signed on to host in the Carpathia datacenters.  It was a perfect fit and they offered me the job.   

My boss was a woman who was knowledgeable of the job for she had worked in the job as an Implementation Manager before moving to the team manager position, even as a manager she still managed a few projects herself for the company was growing and had a lot of work coming in.  There were two other implementation managers in the group, both women.  The first team meeting I attended, the manager said that the three of them would do a girls team outing once a month in which they would get a manicure or facial together.  Looking at me she said, “well I guess we will have to find something else to do as a team.”    

I was teamed up with the more senior of the two women on the team to shadow here on her projects and in a couple of weeks was assigned a new customer that was just signed on.  After a couple of months I was assigned additional customer projects and soon had five or six projects ranging in sized from small to medium.  One day my manager called me into her office saying she wanted me to take over one of the largest customers, one she had been managing but no longer had time for.  After being successful with that customer, from that point on I generally got the largest or more complex customer projects.  

As the company grew and added more employees, our group grew and added a couple more implementation managers.  After an implementation was completed, we handed the customer off to an ongoing “customer service manager“ who managed the day to day interfacing with the customers.  Interesting enough, the two other project managers I worked with at AOL came to Carpathia and worked as customer service managers, sitting a few desks away from me as we did at AOL.  

Larry 11/22/2020

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