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CBIS and Dyncorp
1993 - 1996

CBIS Business CardDynCorp Business Card

After being laid off at CCI the job market was really good and I had several interviews and job offers.  I took the offer from Cincinnati Bell Information Systems (CBIS), Federal Division.  Actually the job was though a temp firm who contracted me to CBIS with a six month trial to hire.  After the six months they hired me full time.  I was hired to manage a group to develop a PC based distributed Justice Information System for the Cincinnati Court system.  The project was just starting so I first had to hire a team starting with a few senior developers and designers.  I took this team several times to Cincinnati to study the court process and work with various court clerks and judges to develop the work flow.  We then came back and did prototyping of the various forms and screens.  Over the course of several months I hired additional staff and grew the team to around 25 people.    Just when I thought all was going well Dyncorp stepped in and bought the CBIS Federal Division, all except the Cincinnati court project. 

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Even though Dyncorp didn't take the court project they did take me because of my knowledge and experience with computer graphics.  Dyncorp had just received a contract with the Bureau of Navel Personnel (BUPERS) to develop an imaging system to migrate all of the Navy's personnel records from microfiche to digital images.  I was the Program manager was put in charge of the entire project, budget, hiring, development testing and installation.  It was a very interesting project that turned out to be quite successful.  Once installed, Dyncorp got the operational contract (I was not part of the operation) in which they converted over nine million personnel records to digital images stored on optical disk.

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After the initial contract was finished, I worked on the Phase II of the BUPERS proposal.  At this time the Navy had decided to move the entire BUPERS division from the Navy Annex by the Pentagon to Tennessee.  There was also some changes to the Dyncorp management which were not to my liking.  My manager when we were CBIS and for the initial BUPERS contract I really liked and got along with.  After the initial contract was done they brought in new management and laid off my original manager.  Unsure about the future at DynCorp, I started looking at new jobs and soon found a job with Bell Atlantic Video Systems.

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