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Kitchen Renovation

In 2010 I undertook a complete renovation of my kitchen.  Very little had been done from the way the original kitchen was when the townhouse was completed in 197x.   A new stove, refrigerator and vinyl floor but that's about all (see photo at right).  It really needed a major renovation.  New cabinets, floor, lighting and appliances of course.  Then remove the soffits, increase the opening to the dinning room and new floor.  I had a plan and came up with the rendering below.

New rendering

With design set I came up with a detail plan to make it happen.   The following pages provides the plan and photos of the step by step progress.          

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Original KitchenIn addition, I wanted at add additional cabinets and a desk area on the opposite end of the kitchen (see below).

Other end of the kitchen proposal.