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The UFCC had one of the very first "Timesharing" systems that was developed by a couple of the "super programmers" that worked there. The timesharing system allowed people to use terminals connected to the mainframe. The terminals were basically an IMB selectric typewriter (the one with the round ball) connected to the mainframe which allowed you to create, edit and submit your computer programs. The programs still ran as a batch job but the really neat thing was that you didn't have to punch cards anymore and you could get your output back and on the terminal. The computer terminals ran at 110 Baud (compared that to current computer modems of 56,000 Baud) but it was a great advancement over the punched card. A few years later the UFCC created computer labs for the students that were full of the IBM selectic computer terminals.

IBM 2741 Selectric Computer Terminal
IBM Selectic Computer Terminal

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