Mixsonian Larry

Rainy Days

Childhood Art
It is amazing that Mom actually saved this
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Summer rains in Florida are sometime quite interesting. I remember times which we could look down the street and it was raining but was sunny where we lived. We would ride our bikes down the street to the edge of the rain and ride just in front of it as it moved down the street.  Some summers the rains came most every day about the same time in the afternoon and there would be short down pours that would cool everything off which was always welcome since we had no air conditioning. On other days in the fall it could cloud up and have a slow misty rain all day, which was the worst for we would have to stay inside all day.  

I remember one fall it was cool out and had been raining all morning and Mom got out a sorts of paper and magazines and we all, Mom, Brenda, David and I, sat on the living room floor and we cut things out of the magazines and pasted them on paper, or  draw pictures and make picture books. Another of the things my brother and  I would do on rainy days is make "forts". We would take the small children's table and chairs and cover them with blankets so that we could crawl under them to play.  Many years later when I saw the small children’s table at Mom and Dad’s I would remember those forts and could not imagine being so small that both my brother and I could fit under the table together.