Mixsonian Larry   

A Place Called Reston

For over twenty years I lived in a place called Reston.  For those of you that don't know Reston Virginia was designed and created by Robert Simon as a planned community with set spaces for different types of housing, parks, lakes, village centers and town center, each separated by greenways and paths,.  I lived just a short walk from the oldest village center, Lake Anne.  Over the years I lived there I took photographs on my walks to, in and around Lake Anne and the village center.  This presentation will take you on a journey of my twenty years of photragraphing of Reston.  

The paths in Reston are extensive, linking village centers, housing clusters and recreational areas with many branches and forks.  I would go for a walk setting out down one path and then take a new branch I hadn’t taken before, seeing new places and new things.  Even taking a well-known path was always a delight with the change of seasons, different times of the day there was always a new delight around the next bend in the path.  

Every journey begins with a path, and Reston being full of paths, we shall begin our journey by traveling down the path that begin just outside my home, here in summer.  As you follow the path as I did for so many years, I hope you experience the beauty, wonder and sometimes amusement that I did when I took the photographs.   Perhaps you will even meet Robert Simon along the way or find the rainbow at the end.

Click on the path below to begin a walk around Lake Anne Path