Mixsonian Waive

Waive Carrie Schwander Junior
Family History

I was born on September 8, 1912 in Monteray Township, Allegan County, Michigan to Charles Earl Schwander who was born Dec. 19. 1885 in Burnips. Michigan (died August 14, 1956 in Kalamazoo, Mich.) and to Ruby Alice Simmons Schwander who was torn May 7, 1892 in Salem Township, Michigan and died July 11, 1970 in Wayland, Michigan. (Both are buried at Burnips, Michigan.)

My sisters and brothers are: Hazel, born Feb. 5, 1909, George Isaac (called Jack) born Aug. 30, 1917, died July 4. 1934, Blanch Mildred, born Oct 2, died June, Marie R. born Aug. 25, 1923, Betty J. born  Sept. 13,1924, Charles Earl, Jr. (called Bart) born Feb. 27, 1927, Robert Clyde (called Bob) born Jan. 16, 1929, and Helen E. born Nov. 5, 1932. 

My dad had one brother, George Schwander. My grandfather, Isaac, died in April before I was born in September. Grandfather Isaac died a horrible death of cancer of the lip. He had been taken earlier to the hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan for surgery. He was sick for just a few months (so they say) and in very much pain before he died. The only relief for pain at that time was morphine, which grandmother gave him on the end of a knife. They said the cancer was from smoking a pipe. They say every one was heart broken when he passed away for he was such a jolly and good person; he was only 52 or 53 years old when he died.