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I retired in 2018 but here is a history of my work experience. Links are to my experience at the companies I worked at.

I have extensive technical knowledge and experience in a wide variety of computer systems and software development environments. My background includes experience with commercial and government application development, particularly in the area of web systems implementation, client server applications, document image systems, and computer graphics. I have directed the development and integration of medium to large information system projects and I have excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. I consider my strength to be the ability to apply current technologies to the architecture, design and implementation of integrated systems.

Technical Areas of Expertise
Website Hosting Infrastructure
Web System Development, Image Systems, Web Applications,
Client Server, HTML, Java, Java Script
SQL, C, C++, UNIX, PC, MS Windows; Visual Basic
MS Word, MS Project, Excel, MS Access, CMM

Work Experience

Retired - September 1st, 2018 - Present

Carpathia Inc. & QTS Datacenters - Senior Implementation Manager: Responsible for the implementation of customer hosting implementations in Carpathia and QTS datacenters.

AOL, Dulles Virginia 1999-2000
Senior Technical Project Manager:  Responsible for the migration of web sites and server hardware from various Time Warner divisions and other third parties to AOL data center facilities.  Served as the primary interface between hosted company technical staff and AOL technical staff to plan and coordinate the moving of web sites and hardware .  Work extensively with other AOL team such as Networking,  Network Security, DNS, Web Hosting, System Integration and Offline Storage groups.

PEC Solutions, Fairfax, Virginia 1998-1999
Principle Member, Technical Staff: Responsible for the design and development of web application development and image system development. Responsible for the architecture, design and development of a three tier web interface to a animal disease database for the USDA. User interface was developed in Active Server Pages, Java and JavaScript with Microsoft IIS web server connecting to an Oracle database. Responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of an image system for the ATF using Windows NT server, Web based Java user interface, Verity full text search engine, Kofax optical storage manager and Oracle database. I developed the Java based user interface. Responsible for the architecture, design and development of an document image storage and retrieval system for the ATF National Revenue Center and ATF National Tracing center. System used the Eastman Software Document Image and Workflow product with Visual Basic clients and Oracle database.

Bell Atlantic Video Services, Reston, Virginia 1996-1998
Senior Engineer: Responsible for the selection, procurement, integration and installation of server systems for video on demand and business applications for Bell Atlantic to compete against local cable companies. Managed the installation of a SGI NVOD server that delivered 40 simultaneous video streams into an ATM network. Obtained requirements, selected vendor, selected and sized server systems and managed installation of servers for business support systems. Systems included both HP UNIX and Compaq NT servers. Investigated new technology for video on demand, video storage, video delivery, video encoding and video set-top systems. Experience with MPEG, DSMCC.

DynCorp I&ET, Fairfax, Virginia 1993-1996
Program Manager: Performed technical support for marketing including visiting customer sites, evaluating customer needs, working with customers to understand requirements, proposing solutions and writing of proposals.
Responsible for the end-to-end integration and delivery of a 11 million dollar contract with the US Navy to develop, install and maintain a digital image storage and retrieval system for personnel records. Responsibilities include budget management, hiring of staff, interfacing with the customer, interfacing with two major subcontractors, scheduling, interfacing with OEM vendors and providing day to day direction for the project. System was developed in C, Visual Basic and Informix to run on Sun Unix servers and PC clients.

Project Manager: Responsible for all aspects of the software development of a Justice Information System including budget, scheduling, hiring, gathering requirements at the customer site, interfacing with marketing, assignment of resources, responding to RFPs, providing technical direction and day to day supervision of 16 developers. System was client server based with the client software being developed in Visual Basic and C++ under Microsoft Windows and the server software being Oracle database under UNIX.

ICL, Inc., Office Systems Development, Reston, Virginia 1988-1993
(I started with CCI which was later bought by ICL.  In October 1993 ICL closed the Reston office and laid everyone off)
Project Manager: Managed large scale development projects, performed scheduling, resolved issues, wrote product plans, assigned resources and assured project schedules are met. Job involved interfacing to Marketing, Product Introduction, Publication, Software Development, and QA groups. Projects included office automation UNIX based software, PC based software, networking software and integration of PC client applications with UNIX based server applications.

Development Manager: Managed Workstations, Graphics, User Interface, and Networking groups for Office Automation products which integrated PC based products with UNIX applications via serial and LAN communications media. Developed advanced Windows based terminal emulation programs for Microsoft Windows, Sunview Windows and X-Windows (Motif). Managed eight to twelve persons including technical supervision and project scheduling. Wrote product plans, functional specifications and design specifications. Technical responsibility for entire development group during Director's absence. Awarded Outstanding Manager of the Year award. All work done in C on UNIX and PCs.

Paravant Computer Systems, Melbourne, Florida 1987-1988
Senior Principal Engineer: Project coordinator for all contracts with major company client. Wrote proposals, specifications, design, and implementation. Designed and implemented configuration management procedures including extensive testing procedures designed to meet FDA medical product approval. Managed team of six persons that implemented and tested advanced blood glucose meter that contained built in modem for automatic transfer of data to remote data collection system. All work done in C and 8086 assembly language.

Applied Computer Technology (ACT), Melbourne, Florida 1983-1987
Computer Software Consultant (self employed, ACT was my company name): Contracted to Level Five Research to design and code interface between Level V Expert system and the VAX Common Data Dictionary, work done in PASCAL. Contracted to Information Management Group to design, implement and test software for medical products, work done in C. Contracted to NCR Office Systems Division to perform the following: Ported electronic mail interface from UNIX based system to PC based system, work done in C; designed and developed screen editor for creating screen displays to be used in Computer Aided Instruction programs, work done in C; developed interface software for transferring electronic mail between NCR mail system and VAX mail and Compuserve Mail systems, work done in C; developed file archival program to archive files to remote system on Ethernet based LAN, work done in C. Contracted to Allied Instrumentation Laboratory to develop standard C I/O library functions for micro-based system. Contracted to Harris Government Systems Division to design and develop computer graphics software for display and modification of weather data. System was designed in Ada PDL and coded in FORTRAN to run an a VAX-780 with a RAMTEK color graphics display processor. Contracted to NCR Office Systems Division to design and develop data entry system. System was coded in PASCAL and ran on a Convergent Technology workstation.

Harris Corporation, Word Processing Division, Melbourne, Florida 1981-1983
Associate Principle Engineer: Member of the word processing architecture team that designed a word processing system. Extensive top-down, composite design methodology was used. Project leader for the Document Access Method team that performed detail design, coding and integration of over 10,000 lines of code. Work done in PASCAL. Project leader of optimization team which performed timing analysis and made performance improvements to the word processing system and compiler code generator. Work done in Intel 80186 assembly language.

Applied Computer Technology (ACT), Melbourne, Florida, 1978-1980
Computer Software Consultant (self employed, ACT was my company name): Developed various modules for the Harris Composition system in PDP/11 assembly language.  Developed software modules for the Harris Word Processing Division.

Custom Programming Service, Indialantic, Florida, 1976-1979
Senior software engineer: Developed a terminal I/O handler and other modules for the Harris Composition newspaper system.  Developed in PDP/11 assembly language.

University of Florida, Center for Information and Research Computing (CIRCA), Gainesville, Florida 1974-1976
Computer Systems Analyst I: Performed various programming functions in Fortran, IBM assembly language and PL/1 for University faculty and staff.  Developed graphic software drivers and modules.  Also responsible for the operation and maintenance of remote batch data entry stations.  

University of Florida, North East Regional Data Center (NERDC), Gainesville, Florida
Computer Programmer I, 1972 -  May 1974
Student Programmer

University of Florida, Soils Science Dept., Gainesville, Florida 1970-1972
Computer Programmer I, Lab Technician: Developed statistical software in the APL programming language.  Performed various soil analysis lab work.

University of Florida, Computing Center, Gainesville, Florida May 1970-1971
Student Computer Operator: Assisted in the operation of IBM 360 mainframe.

University of Florida, Shands Medical Center, Hospital Stores, Gainesville, Florida 1968-1971
Stockroom Clerk: title says it all.


Bachelor in Computer Science, 1987 University of Central Florida GPA 3.2
Associate of Arts degree, 1986 Brevard Community College