Mixsonian Larry

The Swing

The turtle knocked at the door, the egret was on the back porch, the hummingbird hovered and looked in the window, the whippoorwill calls, the mockingbird chirps.   The turtle I politely turn away, the egret nods his head and walks away, after seeing what ever he saw, the humming bird turns and in a blink disappears, the whippoorwill calls no longer but the mockingbird still comes, sitting on the post, cocking his head to one side, then to the other, listening to whatever I have to say.   Did the turtle come to hear my story?  Did the egret want to listen too?  Did the hummingbird just come to look?  Why was the whippoorwill calling?  Perhaps the mockingbird knows, but he only chirps, cocking his head from one side then to the other, and keep asking, what does he know?

Larry Mixson, 06-07-2019