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Working at University of Florida Shands Hospital
January 1969-Feburary 1970

Shands HospitalWhen I was a junior in high school dad got me a job at the University's Shands Hospital.  Dad had an old friend, Mr. Bowman, who was the manager of the hospital supplies department.  The worked it out so Mr. Bowman hired me and dad hired his son to work in the Chemistry department.  In my senior year, Gainesville High was on split shifts.  I went the morning shift which got out at noon.  After school I would go home and eat lunch work the afternoons at the hospital.   At first I would take the new supplies that were received and put them in the proper place in the stock room.  Later I they would give me a list of supplies needed by some department and then go around the supply rooms gathering them and putting them on a cart which I would deliver the department.  My best friend, Bill Ritter, mother worked as a intensive care nurse in OR.  Several times I delivered supplies there and she would show me around.  One time she let me go into the the observation room and watch a few minutes of a surgery. 

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