Mixsonian Larry


1891 Tallpine Road
Melbourne, FL  

1891 TallpineHouse on Tallpine Road

   In 1985 we bought a house on Tallpine Road in Melbourne. It was a nice house with a master bedroom and bath on one side and two bedrooms and bath on the other with an open living and kitchen area in between.  The living area had wide sliding doors opening into a large screened in porch across the back and a two-car garage.  We lived there until 1989 when I got laid off.  With few jobs in the area, Julie suggested I look in the Washington, DC area where she was originally from.  I found a job in in Reston, Virginia, and I moved to Reston.  Julie and Anne stayed in the house in Tallpine though the end of her high school year in 1990 and then they joined me in Reston.  The housing market was soft in Melbourne at the time, so we rented the house for another two years before selling it.  Even then we barely broke even.

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