Mixsonian Larry

Frisbee Tag

In the 60's the Frisbee became popular and David and I got one. We invented all sorts of games with it. One game was I would be on one side of the street and David other on the other and we would toss the Frisbee back and forth getting points for catching it or losing points for bad tosses. I think we had the most fun though playing Frisbee tag. We would often have two or three other boys in the neighborhood come over and we would play Frisbee tag in our back yard. It was a simple game in which the person who was it had to throw the Frisbee and hit another player. The person who was it had to throw the Frisbee from the spot where the Frisbee landed. If the other players caught the Frisbee without dropping it, they could throw it and not be it. We sometimes would play this game into the evening and into the summer night. A variation of the game was played with everyone climbing into the chinaberry tree and the person who was it was on the ground trying to hit the persons in the tree.